Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Milani Baked Blush 05 Luminoso

Milani make up has finally arrived in the UK! Or maybe it's been here for a while and I'm late to the party as always? Either way, I picked up this beauty of a blush last year when I went to New York. I personally hadn't heard a great deal about the make up range aside from the blushers so obviously this went straight into the basket when I spotted in a drugstore state side. 

This particular product is a baked blush from the make up range, and I picked up 05 Luminoso for two primary reasons - 1) it's apparently a dupe for NARS Orgasm (and who doesn't love a good dupe?) and 2) it was the most hyped and loved product of the range from what Google tells me. Now not actually owning NARS Orgasm, I couldn't give a comparison so I'll leave that one up to you! 

Packaging wise, it's a gold plastic case which I kinda like and don't. The top has a clear part to it, stamped with the brand name, and it's also helpful to see the shade at a quick glance. Kinda cute I think. There's actually two parts to the case. The first click reveals the blusher inside which is what I feel quite a generous amount and domed, perfect for picking up your blusher brush to quickly sweep over the top. If you shake the product, you'll hear a little rattle - and all is revealed when you open the bottom layer which has a little mirror and a small brush inside. It's not the greatest brush to use from first feel, but I love that there's a separate compartment for it in case you forget your own brush you've still got something to use instead of your fingers! As you can probably tell, I've never used the brush favouring my Real Techniques brush set instead! 

As bulky as it may sound, the blusher is actually relatively compact and fits inside my make up bag with ease, and the plastic material makes it a light product to carry around as well. 

In terms of the product, with a name like Luminoso, I expected it to have a shimmery sheen to it which it doesn't - more like a glow which I much prefer. It's got a good pigmentation so no need to constantly pick up loads of product with your brush and easily blendable. I find I don't need to build up colour on my cheeks and it blends really well. It's one of those products that basically looks good on everybody's skin leaving a peachy coral colour finish. 

I love this blush and is the one I find myself constantly reaching for on a daily basis because it's so simple and wonderful to use. Now that the weather is getting better and lighter, (I love you Daylight Saving Time) it catches the sun on your face giving a fantastic glow. 

Have you already got this product? What are your thoughts? Do you agree that it lives up to the hype? 

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