Saturday, 19 November 2016

Treating myself pho sure..

London has got incredibly colder over the last few weeks and winter feels like it's well on its way. I even woke up to Jack Frost's handiwork on the car and grass! It's days like these where I want to wrap up in my duvet with my heating on safe in the comfort of my own home, but unfortunately work calls and life goes on. My office for the day was in central London recently, not too far from Shaftesbury Avenue and to cure me of some winter blues, I stepped into Pho & Bun for some warming pho.

The restaurant is split on two floors, with a ground floor and a basement level. I ate upstairs, so cannot comment on the basement decor, but upstairs is relatively small seating about 20 people or so. It's relatively dark with faux brick walls, dark wooden tables and stools for seating with lightbulbs in large wire baskets coupled with the front windows illuminating the area.

Anyone for tea? 

Look! It splits into two!

I visited during lunch when there was a special lunch menu of £9.50 for two courses, a starter and a main. I love Vietnamese food from having Bahn Mi Bay to a friend's mother's homemade pho. I'm not usually one for starters but for Vietnamese food I make an exception especially when I saw papaya salad on the menu!

Green Papaya Salad - not as spicy as the Thai version 
The salad was nice and refreshing, and listed as vegan on the menu. The papaya and carrots were thin translucent ribbons with thicker strips of cucumber, mint leaves and peanuts drizzled on top. Looking back at the pictures, the ribbons of papaya looks so much like mooli. I'm such a sucker for papaya salad, it's one of my favourites! 

The summer rolls came with a peanut sauce, but I always have it with the Vietnamese dipping sauce nuoc cham so requested for it alongside. I can see why they offer the peanut sauce instead.. once I dipped my summer roll in, it leaked all over the place! I'm not used to the summer rolls being opened one end with the lettuce like they have here, but it was still tasty
Summer Rolls standing in line like soldiers at attention

The food comes really quickly, and halfway through chomping the starters, my rare sliced beef pho came along. The garnish plate sits on top of the pho bowl saving some space on the table and also keeps the pho warm if you're not quite ready for it like I was! 

Beansprouts, chills, coriander and lemon for garnish.. 

Garnished up pho!

Rice noodles and rare beef, yum yum yum!

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