Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Burger and Lobster - Soho, London

I'm attempting to eat my way through Time Out's Top 100 London restaurants, but it's proving to be an expensive affair, especially when restaurants such as Burger & Lobster (B&L) feature. Yes you can dine at B&L at a relative affordable price, but when they have jumbo lobsters weighing in at 2kg plus, I had to convince my family (mainly the parents..) to come along too.

We visited the Soho, London branch which features tanks of live lobsters, so if you were eyeing up the jumbo lobsters, then you can actually see them! Being Chinese, I have seen live lobsters time and time again in the supermarket as well as in Hong Kong and other restaurants (hello Wing Yip and more recently See Woo) but there is a sense of novelty attached with it which I of course revelled in.

My family is constantly late for dinner. Every time. Without fail. So while I waited (an hour plus...), I nursed the annoying pain over a cocktail ignoring the fact I was by myself at the bar.

Shameless selfie at the bar while my cocktail was being prepared
It even comes with an umbrella!
When they finally turned up, we got sat down to a huge table that could easily sit eight people. We were five so I was pretty surprised to see what size table they allocated to us, especially as we had a reservation.

We ploughed our way through ordering on the menu. In typical Wong style fashion, it was pretty much one of (mostly) everything on the menu including their chilli lobster (1 pound lobster topped with homemade chilli sauce served with jasmine rice), lobster burger (6oz burger topped with lobster meat, brie, truffle & tarragon mayo, fennel and Chinese cabbage), 1 pound lobster (steamed or grilled (we chose grilled) with a choice of clarified butter or B&L's famous lemon & garlic butter) and a jumbo lobster - a 2kg lobster we opted to have steamed.

It was an amazing feast to have lobster and so much of it! We chomped our way through the unlimited fries and salad we got when ordering the jumbo, used the pincers and lobster forks to get every meat out, and licked our fingers in between. Annoyingly enough they don't give you finger bowls which is what I was expecting, but rarely give you little wipes after your meal. The food comes rather quickly which means you're not sitting around waiting for your food to arrive - but then again, I guess all they need to do is plunge the lobsters into boiling hot water right? The lobsters weren't seasoned - it was plain and freshly steamed, but I would have liked a little something to go with it.

The lemon garlic butter sauce came in little gravy boats but personally for me I found it too buttery - like I'm literally just eating heated butter, and the fries comes salted, so if you want plain fries you do need to be specific about it.

All in all, a pretty darn good feast and would definitely go back again.

Thanks B&L!

The 2kg lobster looking rather menacing.. I nicknamed him Larry
The chilli lobster

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