Saturday, 25 March 2017

Franco Manca - Canary Wharf, London

Franco Manca has opened a branch in Canary Wharf, and one Wednesday lunchtime, a friend and I decided to try it out. Mainly for the free drink coupon they were giving out but also because it's pizza.

I've not eaten at a Franco Manca before, but they have a few outlets in the UK (mainly London but there's a Brighton store according to their location list) offering their famous sourdough pizza. The menu is simple - with six options on offer and the occasional special so if you're indecisive like myself, it makes it easy to decide.

I'm a fan of mushrooms so I opted for option numero 4 - "Gloucester Old Spot ham (home cured) with mozzarella, buffalo ricotta, wild mushrooms (little tomato)" whereas my lunch date went for option 3 - "Wild broccoli, mozzarella , Gloucester Old Spot hand sliced sausage (no tomato)"

Yes, I'm that person that makes you choose a different food choice to me because obviously we're gonna be sharing and this becomes a mini tasting menu ^_^

Both pizzas were £7.35 each which makes it a super cheap place to eat - throw in their free drink coupon offer, and hey - change from £20 for two people. How many places in London offer that?! 
Mushroom pizza with ham
Wild broccoli pizza with sausage
Half and half pizza because sharing is caring and I like trying different food

Verdict from the pizzas? Definitely prefer the mushroom pizza personally. Next time, I'm gonna ask to substitute the ham for mushrooms i.e. double mushroom pizza. Really enjoyed my pizza and the sourdough makes it a little different from your regular at Pizza Express/ASK.

Chilli oil and garlic oil on offer - as well as free filtered water (not shown)
Snapshot of the drinks menu - for those who don't know Italian like myself - rosso = red wine!


Oh - and let's not forget the pretty floor tiling!

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