Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Shuang Shuang - Soho, London

What do you get when you cross Yo! Sushi with the Chinese family feast of the classic hot pot? Well, the answer is Shuang Shuang - a restaurant in Chinatown, London that has been about since August 2015. Grab your ladles and your chopsticks - you're in for a whole new dining experience. 
It is no secret that I'm Chinese and crazy proud to be so. We ashamedly will whip out a selfie stick at the most formal of all occasions, do our V/peace signs in every photo, and eat everything. And that last one? We do really well at. Food and family a massive thing in Chinese culture, and so when you combine the together, beautiful things happen - one of which is the hot pot. 

Hot pot is a big pot filled with a soup broth with prepared raw meat, vegetables and other yummy stuff dotted around. Each person chooses what they like, dip it in the boiling pot and wait for it to cook before devouring in. And repeat! Think of it kinda like a Swiss cheese fondue event - but bigger, yummier and with more food!

Shuang Shuang has taken this concept on and reinvented it. Unlike everyone sharing a pot, you have your own individual pot so you can choose your broth and what ingredients you want - no more fighting or squabbling at the dinner table here! 

There are four broth options - Tom Yum, Temple Brew, Black Bird and Ma La...

Tom Yum: If you've ever had the Tom Yum soup, it's basically this. A coconut based broth with a hint of spice

Temple Brew: This one comprises of liquorice, soy milk, mushrooms and white turnip making it a vegan broth. Not a spicy one either

Black Bird: Another mild one, and again, if you don't like or can't handle spice, then this is a good option. Personally, for me it tastes like a traditional Chinese soup my parents make from time to time. Filled with nutritious goodness - you can even see some goji berries and a date in my taster 

Ma La: The spiciest of the lot - can you see just how red this is?! Chillis adorn this broth mixture that hails from Sichuan, China - a place famed for its spiciness and chilli!

If you're indecisive about which broth to opt for, you can actually ask for tasters, which is what we did and how I cemented my decision to go with the Tom Yum. One thing of note.. if you do go for the tasters, the broth is cold which I didn't expect 

Broth chosen and filled in my personal pot. Time to hit that "on" button and start the heating up process while I peruse that conveyer belt..

Ever been to Yo! Sushi? Then you know exactly how the process works - little dishes on colour coded plates glide past you, and whatever takes your fancy, you simply pick and chuck in your pot. The colour coded plates give you an idea of how much that dish is, and you're free to pick as little or as many dishes as you want

Don't forget the condiments!

Just keep bubbling.. just keep bubbling...

When you can see bubbles and steam, and the food is floating in your pot - you know it's time to EAT!

My empty dishes pile was nearly as tall as the menu!

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